A Web Developer who is very passionate about his Work.
One Target, Tinker & Create.

I'm Mike Sheward, 20 from Birmingham, UK. I'm a self-taught Web Developer who is baking mad, cupcakes especially.
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What i've been Tinkering with?

My Work & Plans

I get the chance to play around with various different Libraries for PHP, JavaScript & CSS. Recently started tinkering with Bootstrap. Have a great grasp of jQuery. Creating a few Games & Personal Projects. Baking & Eating plenty of Cupcakes.

Current & Previous Projects...


This is a game project i have been working on that utilizes cutting edge technologies and techniques and optimization to create impressive performance on a demanding project. You can check out the project below:

Check it out


Built for myself and the inner fan of Iron Man Franchise. Whether it's the simple tasks you need doing or the complex ones, M.I.L.O can create it. Keeps me up to date with various things and is also a central hub for everything, including Files, Music, Notes, Pictures & A sexy Code Editor.

[It's basically a Life Assistant]


A Forum Software i created to brush up on some newer PHP techniques that i had learnt. Also to delve into the world of Web Design a bit deeper. It looks Simple but Beautiful. Much like the forum software itself, it is barebones, but it does exactly what you want it to do. Just, Work. Able to create modules and addons for it easily.

Beast Hero

A game i had recently recreated as part of an older concept. I learnt how to programme in PHP by creating a game called Beast Hero. It was terrible, but it worked. This was the more stable and fun version of that game.

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West Mindlands, United Kingdom

07xxx-xxx-xx2 [Email me if you would like to contact me via Mobile]
Open for Voluntary Work / Work Placement

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